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As the first commercial-scale black soldier fly larvae production company in the US, EnviroFlight strives to provide the most nutritious BSFL for animals of all species. EnviroFlight also has the first United States BSFL research and development facility, dedicated exclusively to studying the Black Soldier Fly, allowing us to ensure efficient production of our BSFL products—EnviroBug™ (whole dried larvae), EnviroMeal™ (meal), EnviroOil™ (oil), EnviroFrass™ and EnviroFeed™(frass products of BSFL production).

Life Cycle of the Black Soldier Fly

Black Soldier Fly


The applied research team analyzes every aspect of the manufacturing process in order to support EnviroFlight’s commercial operations, from initial egg production to final product processing. This allows us to work out any inconsistencies before providing it to our customers. Since our founding in 2009, this program has been essential in transforming EnviroFlight® from a pilot plant to the United States’ first commercial-scale BSFL manufacturer.


Our goal at EnviroFlight is to expand the efficient production of high-quality black soldier fly larvae. Maximizing their nutritional quality, we continue to establish an environmentally sustainable model of animal feed products made from insect ingredients. The goal for our research is to maximize the sustainability opportunities offered by the unique biology of the black soldier fly. We have established a black soldier fly breeding program using traditional and molecular breeding methods to study their biology and life history, across populations and individuals. Identifying genotypic and phenotypic traits associated with all aspects of black soldier fly life stages, we are creating innovative approaches to advance the insect-ingredient animal feed industry.