The Power of the Fly : Solving a Big Problem with a Small Insect

Feeding the World’s Exotics

Tiny Insect, Huge Advantage

Bugs Feed the World

Tomorrow’s Nutrition Today

From two wings to four legs, keep them well fed

Nutritious, Sustainable, and Consistent Quality!

Reclaim Nutrients from Food Waste
Protein Rich Ingredients
Made in USA
Made in USA
Not an Imported Product
Implement Best Practices for all Ingredients
1-2 million lbs. protein produced per acre/year

Tiny Insect, Big Advantage

Our proprietary technology coupled with our meticulous and systematic processes create a consistent, high-performance family of ingredients ideal for chickens, exotics, pets, aquaculture, and young animals.

Artboard 1 1,000,000 2,000,000 356 265 211 192
Pounds of protein will vary depending on production intensity.
Based on vertical farming and multiple crops per year. Source EnviroFlight Internal Calculation.
USDA; FAO/WHO/UNICEF Protein Advisory Group (2004)

Typical Nutrition Profile

Black Soldier Fly Larvae Meal

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Bugs Feed the World!
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