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What's New

EnviroFlight Participates in Global Consortium on Sustainability

EnviroFlight Participates in Global Consortium to Develop Feeds for Kenyan Aquaculture Consortium researching insects as food and feed in Kenya awarded $1.7 million USD

EnviroFlight Announces Launch of Specialty Plant Food

EnviroFlight Announces Launch of Yellow Springs Select All Natural Plant Food, now available for consumer use.

AQUA-OHIO: Sustainable Feeds / Pond Fertilization

EnviroFlight will be producing 20 tons of a sustainable, animal by-product free pond fertilization / freshwater prawn feed. The analysis is 28% protein / 4% fat. N-P-K is 5-3-2.

EnviroFlight Announces Commercial Scale Production

EnviroFlight announces it has achieved commercial scale production of sustainable, insect-based feeds.