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Strategic Partnership Means Rapid Growth for EnviroFlight

By Jerred Ziegler

“When we first told you about EnviroFlight, the company in Yellow Springs, Ohio, was in the midst of upgrading its entire facilities and preparing for rapid growth. It has now been acquired by biotech leader Intrexon, who entered a joint venture with Darling Ingredients to expand the size and speed of EnviroFlight’s breeding production process.  EnviroFlight breeds black soldier flies to create a food source for animals that is more sustainable than the typical crops used like corn and soybeans.”


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1 comment to Strategic Partnership Means Rapid Growth for EnviroFlight

  • Sebastian Stankiewicz


    I am a researcher of food waste at Michigan State University and work at a recycling center with food waste. I am currently looking for methods to digest our food waste and would love to hear more about how to setup a large scale BSF farm. If you could give me a call or shoot me an email, that would be great!

    Thank you,
    Sebastian Stankiewicz

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