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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why does EnviroFlight utilize the black soldier fly (Hermetia illucens)?

Q: What food source(s) do you feed the BSFL?

Q: Why don’t you feed your BSFL animal waste/manure or post-consumer waste?

Q: How much space is required for an EnviroFlight facility?

Q: I would like to purchase (BSFL, BSFL dried, BSFL Meal, Frass).

Q: I would like to start a small BSFL colony. How would you recommend I start?

Q: I’m interested in (another type of insect); where should I seek more information?

Q: Do you recommend BSFL as edibles for humans? Why/why not?

Q: Does EnviroFlight have a stock symbol? Can I invest?

Q: How does the EnviroFlight BSFL approach work in conjunction with Composting? With Anaerobic Digesters?

Q: I would love to work with/for EnviroFlight – how can I get involved?

Q: I am a member of the media writing a story on insects/global food supply issues/black soldier flies, etc. Who should I contact?

Q: Is Glen Courtright available to speak at our event?