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Enviroflight in Yellow Springs finds unorthodox solution to world hunger

From Hi Velocity magazine, Innovation & Job News section:

DAYTON: EnviroFlight has developed a method of aquaculture that could play a key role in solving world hunger.

EnviroFlight is an insect-based feed developer based in Yellow Springs. Glen Courtright founded the company in 2009 with an eye on responding to the world’s shrinking food supply.

“We’re going to have to double the world’s food supply in the next 30 years to feed the projected increase in population and account for the increase in standard of living,” Courtright explains. “Aquaculture is a key part of the solution.”

Typical sources of protein, such as beef, pork or poultry, are far more taxing on a farmer’s resources than fish. They require more space and more food.

At the rate we’re going, our overtaxed ecosystems can’t supply the protein needed to meet the projected food demand. That’s where Courtright believes he can makes a difference. “We believe the cultivation of insects as an aquaculture feedstuff is a key part of a global solution.”

Courtright and his team have spent the past three years perfecting their technology and developing aquaculture feed formulations. The solution is converting distiller grains from ethanol production into three products that are high in protein and low in fat. These ingredients are then fed directly to the insect larvae. “Most animals can’t live on an exclusive distillers grain diet, but the insects can,” emphasized Courtright. The result is high quality, healthy feedstuff used to farm fish that will in turn feed hungry families.

EnviroFlight is currently testing their feed formulations on tilapia and rainbow trout with an eye on large-scale production in 2013.

“Our technology will greatly benefit the world,” Courtright exclaims. “We’re able to create a clean, sustainable source of feed for aquaculture” that will produce safer, better quality fish products right here in Ohio.

Writer: Joe Baur
Source: Glen Courtright

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