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EnviroFlight honored with Dayton Business Journal Innovation Index Award

EnviroFlight was recognized, July 23rd, 2015, by the Dayton Business Journal at the annual Innovation Index Awards ceremony. The awards highlight organizations that have discovered innovative solutions and approaches to fuel the Dayton region’s economic engine.

Glen Courtright, Founder and CEO of EnviroFlight, accepted an award at the event for Global Fluency. Courtright emphasized that his young, local workforce embraces and fulfills EnviroFlight’s mission to develop highly digestible, safe animal feed nutrients using regionally available low-value materials. The company’s proprietary technology makes it possible to commercially produce sustainable animal feeds from pre-consumer food waste, brewery by-products and other organic materials, harnessing the natural behavior of black soldier fly larvae. The high value, high protein feed ingredients produced at EnviroFlight have enormous world-wide potential in increasing animal feed resources that will feed our growing global population.


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